Floating dumb ideas for china

After memeing a few games with china mercs and oulaws I want to float by a few ideas to buff china, mostly just to see if any of them feels worth it or not. Almost all of this will be busted, but wanted to see maybe there are some good ones. Ideas don’t come together as a package.

  1. a change for overall Asian civs ( similar things can be done for other civ groups) :
    TPs( native, don’t know about trade route) can trickle export
    For Native American civs - this can be XP
    For Euro civ, maybe a crate shipment

I can see some funky timing and builds if you can get consulate techs earlier, like Russian blockhouses( also make it cheaper please)

  1. Old Dynasty reforms to affect flamethrowers - won’t make it viable early game, but right now ODR affects all chinese age 2 units except the flamethrower so I am going why not. Also combined with the fact that there is an addition 40% boost from all the siege cards, this might be a very fun lategame option ( also maybe make it cost less pop). All together there is a total of about +200% stat boost possible.

  2. Siege combat cards to affect Siege trooper tag units - The addition of grens to the units affected by siege combat is nice but now that I think about it, it could be fitting that it affects all units that has the siege trooper tag ( we can remove the current effect on grenade thrower to prevent double buff). The desired reason for this is that Steppe rider are also siege troopers (wink wink nudge nudge). additional 40% stats baby.

  3. Consulate grens to come with launchers ready. Grens from the consulate is nice to get some extra siege but they can’t get access to the grenade launcher. well since they are supposed to be like the special units from the consulate and all, just make it so that they have grenade launchers by default.

  4. very dumb idea - chinese mercs affected by chinese upgrade cards , out of the gate this will be busted (so iron troops affected by repelling volley and manchus affected by manchu combat). This is fully busted cause I am pretty sure this makes iron troops more effective then both skirms and CKN and with iron troops being trainable in age 3, can be pretty fun.

  5. another very dumb idea - double sided armour affecting all chinese cav - make the Steppe rider into the ultimate lategame tank and make keshiks tank more range hit to compete with the new javelin riders ( or nerf javelins , pls nerf javelins).

  6. Another change for all Asian civs - build the last wonder after Imp, just for the final buff. Primary reason I want this is to get the 2 age based wonder to max out ( max Porcelain Tower and also Max White Pagoda) Max White Pagoda is really fun since it turns disciple to units comparable to like coyotes.

any other ideas?