"Focus on last event" hotkey not working

With today’s patch, the focus on last event hotkey stopped working. It’s normally mapped to the spacebar and even after checking it’s still assigned properly, it doesn’t work.

You get a sound cue when hitting spacebar, which means that the key is recognized but the game is seemingly not registering any “last events”.

Tested with HRE and French.

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On my third match and I now see it randomly works. It is definitely not working as it was before and seems to completely miss new unit creation as events. On later ages it intermittently works when a tech research completes or a defensive structure gets upgraded, but it’s inconsistent.

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Since last patch the “focus on last event” hotkey which is set to spacebar has stopped working, can you have a look?

Thank you for your time

Thank you for reporting @EricGonzalezM and @StatedOregon5! I’ll get this on the list for the team to check out. Much appreciated!