Focusing individual religion units but not all production

I’m trying to figure out how I can setup my keyboard layout effectively. I have found out that I can cycle individual units which is amazing for religious units picking up relics. When I cycle through them I would like them to be instantly focused.

Unfortunately, when I select all my military production buildings it focuses them as well now. I cannot disable automatic focusing of them but keep the focusing on individual cycled units. The problem is - I often click on all production key to set the rally point for my military. As it now focuses all the production buildings I’m loosing the current spot on the map I wanted to click them to. Instead of press [select military buildings], [right click ground] I have to [select military buildings] - see the buildings - find on the minimap the spot where my army is - [click minimap], [click ground]. Much slower.

Focusing via cycling individual religion units is awesome feature, but now I have to choose which one I actually need more. Tough choice. Anyone solved that? Should it be fixed on the next patch - separate focusing mode for buildings and individual unitis?