Following the logic of other posts all units need nerf or buff

I appreciate the time of other players that made post about nerf or buff of units, but is more important that the Devs focus on what is really important as game stability, pathfinding, performance on pc with low specs, mele attack and when all the topics going to solved, continue with the balances.


Yeah, I get tired of seeing all the unit nerf and buff posts, too. There’s more to this game than unit stats. Hoping the anniversary update coming up has a LOT more substance to it than nerfs and buffs. I’m okay with spreading the dev time around on a variety of things: from unit stats, to tech issues, to asset/content/UI improvements, to graphics/audio stuff, cosmetics… but don’t want any one getting all the attention.

I expressed me being worn out on all the nerfs and buffs months ago, as seen here. There were some good reasons mentioned about why nerfs/buffs are important, though:


There is a reason why i dont join most balance discussions. There seems one common theme in all those threads: We seems to agree that we cant agree on a nerf of buff. Every buff or nerf has pros and cons and it looks like no suggestion is supported by everyone.


The last balance change was back in June? I think devs spent lots of time working just to fix the things you listed above and ignoring balance changes.

A balance change patch is fine after so much time has passed since last one.

I wish thy would imlelemt some more qol life dequeue from global queue directly with right clicks or age of salamdner no L walling.


there were a few exceptions… namely LS tech buff… cant remember what else, but there was specificaly some random thread with like 20 likes out of the gate…

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