Folwark berry and farm gathering rate bonus doesnt work

Folwark berry and farm gathering bonus doesn’t work. The instant 17 food once creating a farm does though. I have tested this in the scenario editor, creating a custom scenario with a villager, and a folwark up against berry bushes and also with a farm. Created it as a custom scenario with poles selected. I also tried this with a mill as saracens and the gather rates are the same

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It is not supposed to boost berry gather rater. Just like the mill, it only makes berry gathering “faster” by reducing walk time.

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@Zetnus are you the author of Hyper Random? If so, I like it very much!

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Yeah, but that sentence is really misleading. But noone ever read the Mill’s description, because it’s just what it is. A mill. But the Mill also has that sentence, to “place near food sources, for faster gathering”.
Especially now that Age IV Beta came out, with all its new mechanics, people wouldn’t be suprised if the Folwark has that buff.

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The only special ability of the Folwark is that when a farm is constructed around it, a bit of food is instantly added to your stockpile. For any other purpose, it is like a regular mill.