Folwark/Mill faulty in Campaign: Joan of Arc - The Rising

Hi all,

Been playing AOE since late nineties, BUT, not a serious gamer, just off-and-on whenever the urge strikes. Consider me a noob (of 25 years) :joy: :sweat_smile:

I reconnected with AOE2DE a few weeks ago, and decided to play the campaigns. Have never done them before. Just played multiplayer with friends & fam.

When reaching “The Rising” in the Joan of Arc campaign, there is an oddity with the initial Mill (when clicking on it, it says Folwark, though, but it looks like a mill) that I am uncertain about:

  1. My villagers do not take any food (be it berries or farming) to it. They walk all the way down to the town centre. If I actively select a villager, and force it to go to that initial Mill (Folwark), it does drop the food into it, but, if I do not micro each and every villager every single time, they just ignore it.
  2. The “Research Crop Rotation” upgrade shows up in the building, but it is greyed out. Also the same on all mills.
  3. If I build a new mill, the villagers use it as expected

Did I miss something, or is there some error with that building in that campaign?

Second sounds like not a bug: do you have the setting so that upgrades that will be available in future ages show up, but grayed out?

First should probably be reported in the Bug Report forum, though I don’t know how reliably that gets bugs fixed. Can anyone confirm this bug? (I don’t have DE)