Footage Copyright

I didn’t know where to send this information. So I’m on youtube seeing gaming adds. Another company is using footage from age of empires 2, to mislead people into downloading their app which is a completely different game. Isn’t their some kind of law against this or maybe you could sue them. My frustration is AOE2 is not on mobile and if it was it would be amazing, and I’m tired of seeing people use AOE2 footage for their game which is completely different. Here is the link to their YouTube profile showing about 10 videos of AOE2 content for their other game. Also. Over like 300k+ people viewed the videos because the game is nostalgic and would be amazing if it could get on mobile.

Hi @RedFuryFIVE6, Thank you for the report. I have forwarded it to the team. If you would like to directly report issues like this in the future, please email with the full details.

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