For casual games, how to find good match on new mods (generated or crafted maps)?

I like the new content coming in (as we could preview with PUP), I am just wondering how to use those.

Atm, the AI is clearly not up to the task to be fun to play against, and if I am not in the competitive scene/with friends, how can I find a good matchup?
I am quite satisfied with the ELO based quick match finding, it find reasonable opponents in short time. If I go to a custom game/or create one, I have no idea how balanced that would be.
Is it planned to include the new maps (at least optionally) in the quick match pool, or is it possible to signup for custom games with ELO boundaries. Something more specific than someone writing “no noobs”/“only noobs”…


I suggest that you join a Discord server for AoE4, find players on your level that you like, and arrange games from there.

Doing that has improved my experience quite a lot.

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There should be a rank displayed in the lobby or something similar (for example when hovering over the player’s name) so that players who are too strong can be excluded.

It is not fun for strong and weak players to play against each other.