For HD and CD players, what hotkeys do you use?

this is assuming DE players are already using DE keys qwert, if not please vote as well.

  • HD_keys
  • CD_keys
  • DE_keys

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Do you mean those players, who played CD/HD before, but are now playing DE?

yea, cause theres a lot of HD players got DE now

So you assume no one is using his own customized hotkeys? Only 3 default ones?

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Just curious: is there any benefit of using CD or HD hotkeys instead of DE hotkeys?

I use the default DE hotkeys and I think they are fine (but I am not a good player). I suppose most people either use DE hotkeys, or they use the DE hotkeys but customize them a bit. Well, most people probably don’t use hotkeys at all, but that’s a different matter.

I use a very heavily modified version of the original hotkeys (that basically resembles them only in my use of HCCCC for going to the TC and queuing Vils).

The one advantage of the original hotkeys is that they may be easier to remember, since the letters often correspond to the building (e.g. B for Barracks). The grid layouts of HD and DE correspond to the positions of the units in the menus, so you often don’t have to remember the hotkeys as long as you’re looking at the menu.

The hotkeys I use are completely different, though, and I emphasized being able to go to a production facility and then create a unit through a combination of either my index+middle or index+ring fingers.


I always found the HD hotkeys to make sense, but I have a few revisions to make sure that all buildings keys are within reach of my hand without moving, all trash is one hotkey, and now similar edits for technologies.

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It is just what you like. I think most pros has custom hotkeys so they can easily access the hotkeys they need.

Where is the option: No hotkeys?


if you use customized keys it’d most likely based off of these 3. I used some customized key as well but based off of cd_keys, only minor changes tho. i dont see how one would change every single key seems a heck a lot of work.

Well, back when I started using the hotkeys. First i based it on the original CD ones, since i was more familiar with them. And have edited them slightly over the years, to the point now where they are maybe 25% original hotkeys, and 75% my customization. Right now probably the only thing remaining from the original hotkeys are maybe like 5-6 of the villager build hotkeys. Every other go-to hotkey, select hotkey, produce hotkey, military hotkey got heavily changed.


I started from scratch, because I don’t consider a grid layout efficient.

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reason i didnt put customized hot keys i guess would be it would based off of the user preference and habit. to think some changed so much.

bump. more voters pls!

I started at DE, and build my hotkeys from scratch. ASDF as the main command row and everything frequent placed around it.

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