For the sake of the mental health of AOE3 players (including myself), it's important to understand the situation of the series

The series is doing fantastic. The company is profiting. The playerbase is growing. The content creators have their view counts. The media keep praising how MS has revived this timeless classic series with relentless efforts and dedication.

If you see videos or articles from external people reviewing the AOE series, AOE2 is the golden legacy, AOE2DE is the great revival, and AOE4 is the shiny new child that carries the legacy. The rest are some random detours not worth mentioning.
You’ll hear people say “Look how AOE2 receives constant support for a decade. Look how AOE4 has been innovating and attracting the young generation. MS cares about the series. MS revives RTS. MS best game company ever. Blizzard (or insert any other company that makes RTS) should learn from them.”

This is the golden age of AOE. What a great time to be an AOE player (skipping one hour of concert here). Everyone is happy. The only dissonance is some unimportant players complaining about the poor (but fully justified) treatment of some unimportant game. These are the unpopular, ungrateful, pessimistic people who talk about unpleasant things at the party. I believe all of us know one or two people like that. But if the merry playerbase can endure a little longer even those complaints will be gone. Then everyone will live happy ever after.
Future historians will consider these as some random noise not worth recording in the legend of the AOE series.

TLDR: Don’t be the unpopular people who talk about unpleasant things at the party.

Imagine if some innocent new player from the “younger generation” who gets attracted by a video or review article “This timeless RTS series is still growing today”, joins the community and sees players like:
AOE2: praising
AOE4: praising
AOE1: silence
Some other game: complaining about the lack of updates and bugfixes

What will they think about these playerbases? The last one is annoying. Period.

All the forums tend to be filled with whining, and I’ve certainly been guilty of it also in the past.

What irks me is the way AoE3 is always portrayed as the “unpopular one” when it’s currently 3rd out of 6 games by the steam player numbers.


Complaining about the lack of support and complaining about balance, etc. are different things.
The latter at least acknowledges constant supports to the game.


Long Live AOE 3!

Despite things I do not like about the game, Its my favorite too :face_holding_back_tears: