Forced Moving Key and Forced Attack Key

Forced Moving mean move to certain place or building or units (Called Starcraft community of S.Korea)

  1. Forced Moving(Just “Move command” in command panel)

When you type “M”, You can right click of Mouse to destination.
It’s very useful to make your unit close to object.
Now AOE2, It’s difficult to move to close to object
Cuz Your mouse pointer change to “Attack”

and the 2D game. downside building’s back side cannot reach.
Cuz the building cover the spot. So it’s really need to “Move command”
in the command panel so that we can use “Forced Move”

  1. Force attack

In case of Infantry and cavalry fight with Infantry and cavalry

AOE2 system make the battle group by group
So It’s hard to attack 1 object during battle from time sometime(but not always, I think confused system to users)
If we have attack object command, my knight always kill mangonel or knight between battle of other knight

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you can literally right click anywhere on the map that an enemy unit doesn’t occupy and your units will do a move command from SC2 to that place.

and AoE2 already has the attack move key already.

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There was recently an “Alt+Right Click” feature introduced, I think that might be what you want with “Forced Moving”.


And that’s the issue…

The hit boxes are pretty weird MANY times. And a lot of times you want to force melee units to close the gap or move through an area.

But they will either start attacking the closest enemy instead of attacking the guys you targeted or buildings get in the way of being able to click the ground behind the buildings.

Heck this even applies to wood cutters. How many times has a tree gone full retard and developed a larger hit box?

Or simply being able to stack units under a TC before attacking. The force move in SC2 had a lot of use.

If this alt right click works then it’s perfect

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yeah but thats exactly what he would want, a feature to allow you to tell units to move instead of attack. Currently you can’t walk over farms, or tell your units to move near a house without attacking it.

Luckily the new alt+right click feature allows us to prioritize move over attack

Click to move past it. Then click stop when where you want to be.

Thats not really how it should be expected to be done in a game released in 2019. Also if you really think doing it like that is a good solution then it seems to me like you don’t play the game competitively much.

There are many situations where it is impossible to click to move past it, if your units are stuck around enemy houses, and anywhere you click you will attack houses, if you click somewhere far, your units might walk around and back into enemy army. It really isn’t efficient to do it like that. But as I said luckily they added the alt + click feature.

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I Check Alt+Right click, thx a lot

how it is implemented Alt+Click -> Units??