Forgotten Empires Devs: Do to the Teutons and Ironclad what you did to the Persians and Boiling Oil

The devs recognized that the boiling oil tech for the Persians sucked and the civ needed a nice buff. So they replaced that unique tech with a better unique tech.

I want to point out that the Teutons need a buff too, and more than the Persians do, and their unique technology Ironclad sucks too. So here’s an idea: replace Ironclad with a better unique tech.

I haven’t got any ideas what it would be. This is just a note, Devs, as I hope that in the next balance patch you will do the following two things (1) Buff the Khmer, Vietnamese, Goths, Teutons and Turks (2) Replace the Ironclad technology of the Teutons just like you replaced the Boiling Oil technology of the Persians.

(Sidenote: The Slavs unique technology “Orthodoxy”—the one with the melee armor for monks—it very weak too … but the difference is that the Slavs don’t need a buff so it’s fine for one of their unique techs to be weak. Slavs certainly don’t need a nerf … as they’ve already been nerfed … but they don’t need a buff either as they’re still strong).

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Yes! i agree on pretty much everything you said! BTW, I created a general toppic for balance changes if you want to put this post on there. Maybe it’s better to have only one post :slight_smile:

But yes, basically, we ask for the sames civs to be buff. And the tech for teutones… what about being able to reclute Teutons knights from barracs? it will be easy to spam them from a near location to the enemy base

I really like that idea for a unique tech.

I don’t know how to move posts and threads!

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Ironclad is an extremely useful tech that should not be replaced. Plus, if Teutons need a buff it’s for early to midgame, which a UT would not cover.


Really? I had no idea Ironclad was useful. I don’t remember ever seeing it used much.

I agree that the Teutons would benefit from an additional eco bonus or something like that.

It makes siege units survive 50% longer against light cavalry/Hussars, which are used very commonly to snipe siege. For bombard cannon it’s even better, surviving twice as long.

Capped rams also become much better vs chu ko nus. Teuton capped rams with Ironclad survive twice as long as other civ’s siege rams.


You’re probably right. Maybe I was too influenced by the fact that I’ve not seen it used much in pro games … but that can probably be much better explained by pro players not using Teutons much, lol.

Teutons definitely need a buff, though.

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i do agree that tuetons do need more buffs, but i think ironclad goes with the civ’s theme since they do have a strong siege, and its not useless as TriRem pointed out, maybe if tuetons had access to siege ram we would see how powerful this tech can be, making it a nightmare to deal with

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Siege weapon melee armor +4
edit: Im reading the wikia about chu ko nus, there is something very weird going on here

They are the aristocracy of that civ, let the goths keep their (somewhat) unique ability.
Tutonic knights can be transported to the battlefield in rams, siege towers and transport ships.

Chu ko nus have 0 melee attack on their arrows, wich means that normal rams take 3 damage from them with their negative armor. Since Teuton rams have positive armor the Chukonu can only do max 5 damage if it’s elite.

Yeah, any idea why a unit has a negative armor?

Only rams and siege towers get negative armor, to offset the fact they are unkillable by most ranged units. Chu ko nu and other unique archer units have 0 melee damage or a bonus against ram because else having an archer UU would put you at a disadvantadge against rams