FORTIFIED OUTPOST. Outpost upgrade that alerts you when the enemy's army passes by. You can set the number of units needed to trigger the notification and sound effect

An upgrade to outposts from the Feudal age or Castle age using the blacksmith or University. Perhaps it can be a civ bonus that you get for free or a castle tech maybe.

The fortified outpost triggers a notification when an army of a certain size passes by it. You can use the arrows on the unit to select the number of units needed to trigger the fortified outpost. This would be a situational unit and not so overpowered.


Wow that seems really good idea, and i prefer to be for all civs and can be upgraded in the outpost itself, if any enemy pass in the area the the outpost can cover it will send an alarm like the alarm that when an enemy attacking you


i think its a cool idea but think theres 2 problems.

  1. all the anti “auto anything” players

  2. attack notifications are currently already quite whack with a lot of players complaining they dont give a good/long enough indication of where they are actually being attacked (should be resolved, but until then)


Personally I don’t like upgrades which are pure UI, and I don’t think think they suit EOA. (I do occasionally like them in other games)

This system would be kind of ridiculous in castle age and especially in imp where ouposts can cover a lot of ground. Either because it would ruin any attempt at sneaking anything or because you would get spammed by notifications (especially if you build an oupost near their walls to see what’s happening inside)


I think this might work if there is a new sound that’s audible but not too annoying ^^

However, I think it should be fixed (like 3 new enemy units must be in range for at least 3 seconds and the “reveal” sound gets reset for 30seconds or something like that…)

I also believe it should be a feature for the imperial age.
Sneaking vills / army in castle age is an important part of the game

The notification can have a cooldown. Once every 1-5 minute or something like that. Once you get the early alert you don’t need it for a few minutes again really.

You can balance the nerf to sneak attacks by giving it a cost to compensate. It should be situational. Like alerting you of an early archer push where it is too late to react when they’re at the gates. But it shouldnt totally make sneak attacks useless. It can be balanced somehow I’m sure.

Yeah perhaps. An extra tool in Imperial Age for guarding resources in the corner of the map maybe. It wouldn’t be used too much that way but there are plenty techs that never get used cough Treadmill Crane cough

This is pretty good suggestion. It can be tied behind a tech maybe in Univ so that it is not enabled until Castle age. And user decides if he needs the notification.

Yea I really like this idea, definitely makes outposts a whole lot more interesting and also makes passing by them somewhat costly to an enemy.

Yes as much as I like the OP’s idea, these seem like fair points. When you start getting spammed by notifications they really do lose their value.

would also be easy to spam “fake” notifications.

What if you have to research a tech in Univ to get it? So only when player suspects something they can activate it.

Too cumbersome I reckon. At that point you might as well just get used to constantly having your eye on your minimap.

Cringe …

Would be useful for placing outposts near your villager locations such as farms, woodlands, etc
to help against enemy sneak attacks against your eco

I think it’s a fun idea, but I dont know how well itd play out. I’d be curious about other outpost upgrades though, including making them garrisonable.