Fortified Palissade for all the civilisations

I noticed that in campaign there are fortified palissaded with more than 700 HP.

It will be good honestly for the civilisations who don’t have stone walls, in the mid game i imagine a research who take 3 minutes to be activated in feodal Age maybe 100 Golds and 100 Foods for the cost.


My first idea for improving this game would probably not be “more walls, and cheaper”. But then I’m not a Black Forest player.

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But it’s a feature who is already in the game, it will be good for civilisation who don’t have stone wall, and make the game much better for the one who rush, there a lot of possibilites with this feature.

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How do you figure that? The player who rushes is the one who’s annoyed by the walls and wishes they would burn up in a fire.

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That’s a high price to pay so that a civ can make walls that are still far worse than stone walls. I would never get that. I’m open to the idea of such a tech, but it should cost 100 total res tops (no gold), or just be a free upgrade to palisade walls on reaching Castle or Imp.

Yeah maybe 100 coins 100 foods only then, you mark a point.

The one who rush, rest much longer in feodal age generally vs someone who is fast castle.

This idea was considered during the creation of the original forgotten empire mod, but they couldn’t find a balance between “too expensive” and “why does feudal age exist anymore” so they gave up on it. Even the Cuman bonus had its ups and downs. And said Cuman TB would likely make fortified palissades too good even if the Cumans themselves don’t have the tech.

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Why not just make Fortified Wall upgrade Palisades to their fortified variant?


What if they make them available in Castle Age, because palissade are pretty interesting too in castle age.

Goths and Cumans don’t have stone walls because the devs don’t want these civs to have strong walls at all. It is an intended weakness.
If you consider giving them super strong palissades, you might as well give them stone walls. Or you nerf fortified palissade walls AND palissade walls so that basic palissade are way weaker than they are now and you have to research the fortified walls in Feudal to hold against aggression.

That being said, I am not against a minority of civs getting the current fortified palissade walls. It is super strong for a wall not costing stone.

I mean fortified walls could be in imperial age for the weakest civilisations for the others civilisations it could be in feodal age and castle age but yeah after i’m agree.