Fortified walls halved pierce damage

How would the game change if walls (or fortified walls) also halved pierce damage?
I guess it will be a great game changer and can be tested on fortified walls first
Very similar to how the Hussite Wagon halves the damage dealt by enemy ranged projectiles that pass through them; the Hussite Wagon takes 1 damage every time an enemy projectile passes through it, so the wall would take some damage as well


It may be a bad change for britons, lol

You are right, but it will halved it only if the projectile passes through the wall collision box
If the Longbowmen are further from the wall, it won’t be a problem

I think monks/siege behind walls is already strong enough.

Monks/siege behind walls rarely use scorpions. Mangonels, and BBC deals melee damage. OP wants walls to halve pierce damage. This shouldn’t affect monks/siege.

Would the wall take damage like Hussite Wagons? What if it is your own wall you are shooting over?

As far as I’m aware the HW only halves enemy projectiles, not friendly fire
Not sure if halves only pierce or melee

Just tested with a throwing axeman, it halves melee damage too.

It would severely unbalance the game. It would be considerably harder to assault fortified towns.

Hussite wagons sure are potent, but they are expensive and are easily countered with onagers and bombards, and the Bohemian army isn’t great by itself so they need this unorthodox playstyle to be efficient. Having the same effect for walls (who must remain cheap to make it affordable to protect a good slice of the map) would be overpowered, especially when looking how it would affect other civs. Why not pepper your entire city with walls just so that your ranged troops (archers but also siege…) take half damage when assaulted ?

In Total War the advantage of putting your archers on a wall is balanced by the fact that you’ll suffer massive losses when the enemy artillery breaches that segment of the walls, which would not happen in AOE2 since destroying a building has no direct effect on nearby units, and the fact that defenders are probably massively outnumbered in the first place for the enemy to attack, not the situation in AOE2 where both sides are roughly equal.

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