Fortress has no place on the ranked map

Why do I have to waste a ban on this monstrosity of a map? 11 villager start + a Castle + 2x towers?? Ridiculous. Looks like an amateur fan made map. Stop voting for this trash.


I disagree. Even though I don’t play this map that often, I think it has a place on the ranked ladder. I just wish it was played with Regicide settings like in tournaments.


Just because it’s not 3 vil start? If you don’t want to learn something new, ban it.

This map pool is good enough that I don’t even need 2 bans.

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If I wanted a fast start with a ton of villagers, there’s a whole game mode for that; Empire Wars. And the number of villagers isn’t the main problem, it’s the castle and towers in dark age. It’s such a custom scenario style map, it’s extremely niche and therefore doesn’t belong on the ranked ladder.

So? How is it any worse than other late game oriented maps like Black Forest? If you don’t like it ban it. It’s voted by people. It’s in the pool once every few months. And by starring Arabia you already play it 99% of times. What do you even expect?

You are the same guy who said Shoals is awful. Yet it is selected by S tier tournaments multi times, and produced many fun games.

Black Forest has the option to sneak a villager before the first wall is up, meaning you can hypothetically go super aggressive in dark or feudal age. Whereas the towers and castle in dark age on Fortress prevents any kind of early aggression so it’s just another boring turtle up and boom map, just like all the other prison maps and water maps. Fast castle maps are just so predictable. At least Arabia has a lot of variety in strategy throughout the ages