Forum Bug

While i was making another post i found this issue where the preview wasnt showing some text properly, wich ended up showing that way in the final post aswell, not sure how to reproduce

you forgot a space on your number 2



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added the space, but it still looks exactly the same after editing

Notice how the 3. gets changed to 2. aswell

sorry but you put the space in the wrong place. You have to put it AFTER the do, not before

@RadiatingBlade Not sure where the right place for this is, but it certainly nothing to do with Age2DE and we have no control over the forum software – Can you move it to the right section/forward it?

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i feel like an idiot now q.q, though i wish it didnt change text based on a wrongly placed space, this issue is done now toast anyway you can close it

Reproduction Steps

  1. step one
  2. step two
  3. step three
  4. step four

@Rubijox Remove the space between the number and the period and add a space between the period and the list item.

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If you want to learn more about the markup language used here in this forum you can check

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