Forum: Remove the edit limit

hello there I just noticed I can not edit one of my reply if someone has replied mine. Please make Edit aviable all the time.

Hi @Finland2891, As you become more active on the forums the time you have to edit posts will increase. New forum users have 24 hours to edit a post and trust level 2 and higher users have 30 days to edit a post.

I do not see the point to limit something like that but okey. I’ll repost (means spam) every time I’m not allowed to edit.

@Finland2891 The limit is meant to avoid spam edits and maintain continuity. Please do not spam a topic because that is against the forum code of conduct. I will contact the team and see if this default restriction can be removed.

I do not like the spam if the system do not force me to do so. We have a post in the Age4 section called “AoE4 ideas” to avoid spam it’s easier to have a post editable full time to keep it up to date.