Forum role disappeared

What happend to the " Stammgast " user tag on the forums ?
Why did it vanish ._. I hate when somethign vanishes from my account without any kind of information !

Greetings Maxy.

Hi @DrMaxy4142 the badge your talking about is the same as the regular badge correct ? there has been several people who had the regular badge that have lost it. I think it might have something to do with not being as active several of the people who had It and lost it I haven’t been seeing recently

Hi @DrMaxy4142, The Regular role on the forums is not permanent. It’s based upon your forum activity during the past 100 days. I am usually able to maintain it but the reading 25% minimum of topics and comments becomes difficult if there are 20K of them like as of late with the beta and technical stress test.


Okay thanks :slight_smile: Atleast i got information now, why it vanished lmao.
also its pretty hard to maintain it, if you only read the aoe3 forum stuff xD