Forum Update: Introducing Insider Titles & Badges!

It’s finally here! For all you amazing, determined Age fans who ultimately conquered the Insider registration process (perhaps more than once), you will now be able to show off your Insider title, access exclusive forums, and display a new piece of flair available only to our Insiders!

Joining the Insiders

If you aren’t an Insider yet, it’s easy to get involved:

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Unlocking your Insider Perks

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Note that this is only the first step towards creating more opportunities and ways to get involved in your favorite Age of Empires titles as an Insider. Be sure to check back for updates—both here and at!

See you online!


Cordial Saludo

Tengo una pregunta, hace tiempo participé de la beta de AoE DE porque gané un concurso realizado en el canal oficial de Facebook de Age of Empires.

Mi duda es la siguiente, ¿el juego que me aparece en el centro insider pertenece a la versión AoE Definitive Edition o la nueva versión de AoE2 Definitive Edition?

Si es la primera opción, hay alguna manera de ganar un pase para poder jugar la beta de AoE2 Definitive Edition? Tengo un contacto que logró ingresar a las primeras betas de AoE2 DE desde el inicio de la convocatoria en la tienda de Steam.

Les agradezco su atención dispensada.

It’s AoEde you see in Xbox Insider Hub.
You can’t win AoE2de beta, you just sign up as an Age Insider and hope you get invited.


Ah, thanks. And I was wondering, how did so many people unlock the flair but I couldn’t find a way to do so. Had to log out after all. Seems I missed this post when was posted.