Forums Username Changes


Hey everyone, we hope you’re loving the new forums!

Some users may have logged in today to see that their username here in the forums has been changed to match their gamertag. We had to implement this policy because of a login bug related to usernames that was affecting a few thousand forum users. From now on, users will have their gamertags as usernames.

There is no plan to reintroduce the ability to change your username here on the forums. However, we welcome your feedback on this change.

Interesting how Age of Empires Website has changed

I like the new forum design. Happy to see good changes being made. Don’t worry, more feedback will come.


I have a problem with mine. I used to have one that says just “Qaex”, but I’m unable to log on it anymore. It also was linked to my email that I can’t use again to make this new account, so I had to use another email…

Now I made this one “AlQaex”. It works.

However, my gamertag is “Al Qaex” I would like everything to be merged though…


cannot log in to my account . i get white screen with this message get this:

The software powering this discussion forum encountered an unexpected problem. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Detailed information about the error was logged, and an automatic notification generated. We’ll take a look at it.

No further action is necessary. However, if the error condition persists, you can provide additional detail, including steps to reproduce the error, by posting a discussion topic in the site’s feedback category.