Found my old copy and tried to reinstall


So I recently came across my physical copy of AOE3 circa 2005…

I got to the key part and it is saying I have an invalid key.

I have the game sitting right to me and it has never left my parents house. I really want to play!

help please


I know this probably doesn’t help, but I also have my original disc copy installed on my machine. Didn’t have any issues with the key. I only say as much to give you an indication that even if you’re one Win10, it should install if the key is correct. I would double check the key and do the usual check to make sure you haven’t confused any of the digits. Like the old 0 vs O vs Q and 8 vs B differences.


My code doesnt have any 0 or O or Q and only 2 Bs, but its what ever… Ill survive… dying slowly…


theres a steam option

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If i could afford it at this moment I would have it :frowning: but at this moment I cant.


@Penguin585 The Steam summer sale is going to be in June and you’ll probably be able to pick up AoE III Complete for 75% off.


thats the plan. Currently out of work due to “bike getting hit by a car” so when/if I can ill grab it again.