FPS droping when move camera (making playable again)

I tried in every way to improve the stability of the game and be able to continue playing.

the only thing that work for me after update the grafics card, change energy power to high perfomance, and change the nvidia 3d settings

how u can fix it?

press “Windows+R” and digit “msconfig”
in 2 option “start system” click in “advanced options”
so u click in the first option to setup all ur thread of CPU
i have the ryzen 5 3600 with 6 core 12 thread
then mine have “12”
then u select the max number.
press ok restart the system

when ready open the game
then open the Task Manager

.find the RelicCardinal.exe click with right botton of mouse so click in define affinity
then unselect the CPU 0

in the game select Vsync option and put the fps in ur preference option!

sry for my inglish
have a video in portuguese that u guys can see how to do that

put the setting in game in medium and enjoy the game

hope they update the game and fix this problem early

if this help u let me know please.
PS: if u dont have a good computer maybe better dont try this.