Fps steadily drops until I'm forced to reload the map


Hello, I love this game to bits, however recently myself, and a whole host of people on steam have this issue where the fps dwindles down from 80-90 to under 20 and 10fps, which makes the game unplayable. It is odd as a simple reload of the map fixes the issue, however this makes multiplayer broken for me and many others, as we simply cannot commit to a game longer than 30 mins. Sometimes I am able to stretch out and play for an hour, but by this time the fps has went to the low teens. I wanted to raise attention to this issue as from what i can tell, it is fairly prevalent in the community.


How many people. whats the usual population when this happens?


My population is at 180, and the max for each player is 500. 8 players on a large map. If i unlock the framerate, i get about 360 initally, which goes down to 20 in under an hour. Something keeps putting more and more load on the one core which is being used.


What are your specs?

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Sorry for the late reply.

Asus z97 a
i7 4770k @4.4ghz
16gb ddr3 hyper x 1600mhz ram
Rx 580 nitro
Rx 480 Nitro (disabled for aoe2)
512gb nvme ssd wd black 2017
Corsair hxi850


I can remember a while ago the last time I played AOE 2 HD that I noticed the same. Stuttering unit movements due to low framerate. And after saving and loading back it didn’t get much better. I will check this version out again. My specs are almost the same, except it’s a laptop with NVidia 760M GPU.