FPS stuttering when facing certain opponents

Game Version:

  • Platform (Steam)


I in certain games get stuttery fps, small freezes every couple or very low fps can be as bad as 5-6fps constantly. It starts immidiately from game start and gets progressively worse as more population fills the map. The problem seems to be linked to my opponent as I noticed in a 4v4 game as a player left the game the lag completely disappeared. My last 1v1 game I asked my opponent where he was from and he was also from europe so I was thinking connectivity shouldn’t be the issue (although the EU server seems to be in NA since i get 100+ ping to… WTF guys thats not OK). My opponent also experienced NO LAG during the game. Although he said he was tabbed out during the loading of the game. It only happens in about 1 in 10 1v1’s and pretty much every game when playing 4v4.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. I dont know
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