[Fr] Vlad Dracula mission 3 The breath of the dragon

Current build : 33315.0
Platform : Steam

French version

In the third mission of Vlad dracula, in wich we get many secondary task like destroy lumber camp to prevent ennemi’s battleship, not a single sound suit with the task asked or accomplished.
I.e : If you are asked to destroy the lumber camp to prevent ennemi’s battleship, the voice tell you that you have eliminated an ennemy, or that you successfuly destroyed the mill (even if this task isn’t note in you secundary task)

To reproduce the task you can simply take your hussard and lead them near an emplacement of a secundary task or near the 2 farmer after the siege workshop.

Exemple : In this case it says “Vlad dracula came to free us from the turks”, while we hear “Vlad Dracula… is dead”

I hope that was clear and understandable.
Good luck guys

Ressurecting dead post to say that this bug is present in the Portuguese Brazilian language in the lastest version (101.101.35209.0 4667120).

C’mon, can’t be that hard to figure it out? 3 months and counting… Just put the intern to fix it or something.