Frame drop when in 2v2 or more

When I play anything more than a 1v1 my Frame drop really hard mid to late game. I checked my task manager and it shows my power usage is very high. I have a 11th gen i7 3080ti 32gb of ram 2tb ssd. Hardware shouldnt be an issue. but i cant figure this out at all.

I have similar issue but this comes to play only when I have straight up played hours and many games without restarting the game. So I think it just memory leaks ■■■■ (never bothered monitoring my resources) so I just rebooted game

I can basically get 1 good game out of it. but my 2nd game is gonna have issues. My pc is less than a year old and i have some serious ram so I cant imagine it being hardware. As well as i play other games and have no issues.

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Well technically no matter how powerful pc one has it can still fail and break. :slight_smile: But if I was in your shoes I would just reinstall the game.

I have the same issue, with a few differences. I am running a 12gen I9 with a 2080ti and 32GB of Ram. The main difference I am having is it does not matter what game mode I play I will have the frame rate drop to under 10fps. I have tried reducing all the graphics settings to low, as a test, and the results are the same. I have followed all the steps I could find via support groups, including this forum. I tested with single Player skirmishes and multi-player modes with friends. I realize that hardware can fail but I believe that if all the other games I play function 100% normally that the issue lies within the game itself.

I have dont literally everythign and still having the issue. I believe its the game.

I agree with you. It has to be the game. As it is the only game I play that has this issue. I can’t play it because of the frame issue.

The game is badly optimized, it doesnt implement multi core properly and therefore once you start adding all of the units on the screen it will diminish your performance because the cpu isnt feeding your gpu fast enough. Which is why later in the game you will actually notice your gpu utilization go down because its not being used properly. My 5800x will never go above 20% usage on this game which is bad because this games relies heavily on your cpu.