Frames Drop from 144 to 41?

My PC:
RTX 2080Ti
i7 9700k
32GB RAM 3600Mhz
x2 ssd nvme 970 pro 1TB
Thermaltek rgb850w
asus z-390a Prime
Kraken z73
Windows 10 64bits updated

all in high

Dude, I’ve been playing with 10fps upon release and 20 right now with low settings, I wish I had 41fps hahah.
Still weird though, in what game types has it lowered? All of them?

I had similar issues and encountered that my CPU while playing to goes to idle (problem purely with this game not a general issue).
I’ve a core i7 5820k and overclocked it to 4000Mhz when in load but still wanted that the CPU lowers to somewhere ~ 1300Mhz when in idle (when just being on the desktop or in browser).

This works fine (full 4000Mhz while playing) in really every game with exception of AoE III DE.
I found out that still while playing the CPU in AoE III DE switches very often between the 1300Mhz and the 4000Mhz which causes the FPS drops.
Only workaround solution for me is to set the energy setting in windows to max performance which does not allow the CPU anylonger to reduce in idle. However I will not have it activated all time (e.g. due to unnecessary power consumption in idle then). Therefore after playing I have to set back to balanced. Very annoying.
Please check the CPU clock while playing (there are a lot of tools to check that e.g. MSI Afterburner).
Nevertheless still a weird issue which does not happens for me in any other game.

Hello, My CPU always is 4.7 Ghz (4700mhz) already put my power consumption to high performance, but still get those ugly frames drops.