France Age2 Hulk

Please make it early Hulk or even more expensive something…
Also, The turning trick to double damage is op, even without it they are always too strong in age 2.

Like impossible for other civs to beat France on water


Yeah and the turning trick is fun and adds some combat micro, but it seems clearly unintended. I think I’d rather they just got rid of it and then made naval battles more interesting in other ways.

I saw that in Daut’s stream and is that only for French? I thought they changed it so that all 3 combat types of ships are available in age 2. If that’s the case it really makes sense.

Yes I agree, French-only age 2 Attack Ships would be totally busted.

I should have kept my trick a secret lol

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When ship rotates, reload should be reset, just as when moving the unit. It’s silly to have to spin every ship.

Ships can fire at both sides at the same time so it’s not a reload problem, they are just turning way to fast.
It’s the same with siege.
Why having a firing cone if you can just turn nearly instantly?


Does it fire from both sides at the same time, or does each side have a separate reload timer?

They are independent of each other.

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Then you can either make rotations as slow as reload time to cancel the advantage, or make them only fire when stationary, as I said earlier. Both would work.

Firing while moving and firing from both sides are the two new cool features that are kinda mitigated by the fact that you can turn super quickly anyway.
That’s why I think a fast turn speed is not needed. You should have to think about the movement of your ships in advance.


Yeah there was somewhere a while back, like when they first showed naval, where they mentioned having iterated on the different ships moving and turning.

Frankly I think they’ve got it a bit wrong. The firing arcs are almost pointless. I think they should tighten up arcs on ships a bit, and make larger ships turn a lot more slowly. Then the smaller more maneuverable ships would still have some purpose late game and positioning for naval fights would be much more interesting.

Same with siege. Make the arcs a bit bigger if necessary, but make it actually take time to turn them.

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Would that make archer ships stronger against hulks I wonder? By being able to maneuver and dodge their attacks?