France In Chaos - Protect monastery bug

Playing the 100 year war campaign and once I captured all 3 sites and got to the “protect the monastery” part it never gave me another objective to go defeat the army across the River. Won’t let me cross either. Waves of knights have been coming for 30+ minutes. I suspect this is a bug as this is not what others have experienced.

Sorry you ran into this @ArisenEel424273. I’ve logged it so the team can check it out. Thank you for reporting!

I played this last night. I didnt encounter any bug. I scouted North and I found a base; that’s when it opened a new objective to capture the Lord/King and destroy his army.

I somewhat hate that campaign as it doesnt give me much stuffs… low gold/ low stone and inaccessible until you beat some parts. Maybe it’s designed so we wont faceroll the campaign. I just demolished the AI with whatever I have.

I’m stuck at this stage in the campaign too - no progress, and I have been protecting the monastery for at least 30+ minutes too.