Free Art Assets compatible with AOE 2 DEDE

You may not know it but there’s a Fallout scenario for AoE 2. It’s…a diamond in the rough shall we say. If I wanted to mod it or just use the map to make my own using Vytauta’s Crusade (fifth Polish Mission) as a template, are there free art assets that could be made compatible with palate swaps of AoE2 DE buildings?

In theory, there’s a bunch of Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 building Assets that would make wonderful ruined building assets to take over and repair, if I had access to them. If they are available for mod purposes and if they could be made compatible for palate swaps.

I was thinking of something like from the first mission from the Ottokar mods where you get neutral ruined buildings by repairing them, maybe in theory having they shedding of old skin like the way polish and Lithuanian castle version shed skins as you take destroy castles in Duel of the Dukes (third Polish mission)

But one of the problems of creating any style of mission outside of the middle ages is the lack of assets. At least for DE. But for all I know the assets could be plentiful even for AoE 2 HD.