Free loom for Goths / ways to improve that bonus

Free loom seems be in the next patch. Not going to post links since it was leaked, but I think such a strong buff combined with 20% dark age discount will have some ramifications.

Goths getting a loom free would enable a 6 militia drush or 3 M@A without mining camp. This seems like a repeat of a month back with a too good dark age/M@A bonus. Outshines Aztek rush since you save all the food and Goth game plan is all about buying time anyway. 4 M@A by collecting 10 gold also an option.

That gives them a good eco boost and early pressure so I agree with the intent.
In my opinion the bonus would work better as “loom researched instantly” so you still get the +1 vil eco boost which is a good enough bonus already. Alternatively you can delay it while building palisades and get it in and instant if you get rushed before fully walled. If you wall up, and enemy puts no pressure to break walls, invest that skipped loom into researching M@A

This would be more dynamic since you can get the bonus of instant loom or you can risk it, wall up and invest it to M@A. Also it’d give a greedy 6 militia drush a weakness since you would have spent all the gold; getting counter rushed would do some serious damage.