Free Town Patrol for Byzantines

Now that pallisade/house scanning is removed, I thought giving Byzantines Town Patrol upgrade free on top of town watch could be a good way to buff the civ without touching its other mechanics in the game. To me it makes sense for a defensive civ to have good vision so that you can see the threat a bit earlier. For a castle age tech costing 300F 100G, I’d imagine most people don’t bother researching this tech over producing vills constantly or hand cart. In addition to that, you enter the later stages in the game where you build forward buildings and start massing military, therefore getting vision for yourself. Byzantines however might need the free vision bonus against opponents with a clear eco bonus since you’ll like be pushed early and wait for the imp trash spam. Does Byzantines need a buff? Well, I thinking this is a good way to buff without making the civ broken. Also they’re sitting on %46.45 on the current patch which is quite low.


I agree with this, or remove the gold cost and keep the food cost / halve both of the costs


I also think so.
But I would give Byzantines +2 LOS for all building (only Town watch free).
In that scenario, Byzantines have their bonus from dark age, and they will have more LOS when they research Town Patrol.

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Half the playerbase wants this I swear. Like come on, why shouldn’t they get it 11


This is really a thing asked for 20 years…


A nice buff that maybe wont make them better at some elos, but high elo players would enjoy to play with.

Why not? Byzantines arent never in the top 10 winrates in any map… (Correct me if i am wrong)


Byz are a top tier Arena civ. But I don’t think free town patrol would make them OP there.

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the mesos were nerfed, and atheism was finally buffed… maybe we can get this unicorn as well


I’m relatively low elo because of poor mechanical skills and apm but this would make the civ a little better for me too, there are quite a few low elo players that don’t lack map awareness and ability to use vision advantages but are low elo because they are just slow, I used to play AoK/AoC and still have not adjusted to handling the higher population limit and faster game speed and probably never will

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Top#1 request after pathfinding fix

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