Free Weekly Profile Rewards bug? (Choose 1 free weekly profile picture reward! Bug?)

Choose 1 free weekly profile picture reward!! Bug???
I can’t get compensation because the portraits I’ve already acquired are duplicated, am I the only one with this phenomenon??


No eres el único, es lo que nos toca a todos los de vieja escuela que estamos aquí desde el lanzamiento del juego.


I wanted to chime in here. I wasn’t sure this was a bug, but it has now repeated enough times that it’s well outside of the range of RNG and thus worth a report.

7 of my last 8 weeks look like this. If necessary, I can post the screenshots for 5-6 of them. I didn’t take a screenshot at first because I assumed it was just RNG being RNG. Week 3 was the outlier. It offered me 1 out of 5 choices that was selectable, so guess which one I picked?! It was a one-eyed octopus, quite possibly one of the ugliest options on offer! =D

But again, the pattern continued, and it seemed less and less likely that I was continuing to get only 5 unavailable choices week after week after week. As I said, this is week 8 for me. This has to be double-digit sigma in terms of being an outlier if this is random. Something else is going on.

The simplest fix would be to simply have it offer only options that you haven’t already won. That’s easy enough to program in and for the user with literally well over a hundred profile icons, this is over 2 years’ worth of weekly participation to collect them all. This is how it should be done. I shouldn’t have a situation in which I cannot choose a reward, let alone 7 out of 8 of my last weeks.

If you need screenshots, please reply and I’ll post them.

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Then, can I choose the icon I didn’t receive and attach a screenshot? What screenshot do you mean???

A similar phenomenon happens with Age of Empires 4.

There is a missing compensation phenomenon.

I’ve had this issue since Explorer Skin fixed a bug that won’t unlock. I don’t have icon profile rewards. (It’s constantly missing.)

Age of Empires III Definitive Edition Icon Reward Bug 1

(Choose one free weekly profile photo reward!)
As you can see, even though it’s a profile that you already own, it’s displayed again on your weekly profile.

Are you saying that I can get all the rewards I haven’t received so far? (Missed Rewards)

TLDR: What I posted is saying that I’m having the same problem as you are.

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It’s not a bug. That’s how rotations work.
When you own all the pictures, GJ you are a very active person!


I am missing many of the pictures. I don’t own all of them by a long shot. You made that assumption and it’s not accurate. I understand what RNG is and this is why I did post for two months. This week, it happened again 5/5 unselectable, so I’m at 8 of my last 9 weeks with no reward, with the 1 exception giving me only 1 valid choice.

Let me see if I can clarify my concern a bit. Forgive me if I get some of this wrong. It’s been 25 years since I’ve had to do any of this kind of math, so we’re going to see how well Mrs Berg’s math lessons stuck. Feel free to check my math.

There is a large list of possible profile icons available. Some are available as achievement rewards for in-game progress. I have most of them and I excluded the ones I don’t have. I also excluded the ones from previous events. I didn’t count each one exactly. An estimate is good enough to illustrate the point here. There are approximately 35 rows of 8 profiles each, or approx. 280 possible weekly profile icons to choose. It is impossible for me to have completed the whole collection, even playing every week since they opened the rewards. Looking through, I have approximately 1-2 per row. I’ll use 1.5. We’re estimating, so let’s say I have ~50 of the 280 options unlocked.

Let’s randomly select a panel of profile picture options. We’ll assume the algorithm doesn’t care whether I have the profile picture or not, but it does check to make sure that I get 5 independent draws, no duplicates. I have ~50 unlocked of ~280 total, so the probabilities on the draw are:

0 valid choices: 50/280 x 49/279 x 48/278 x 47/277 x 46/276 = 0.015% or 15 per 10,000

Now, double down. Week 2. 0.015% x 0.015% = 2.25 x 10^-8 or 22.5 per billion (pretty rare). So what are the odds of seeing that 8 out of 9 weeks in a row? Vanishingly small. Winning the Powerball back-to-back small. That makes me think there’s a bug, and not just terrible RNG luck. That’s why I’m here posting. Please, check my math. If I’m wrong, I have no problem admitting it, but I think I’ve at the very least correctly recognized this is extremely improbable.

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Avatar unlock choices rotate each week with a specific set of Avatars. If you already have unlocked all of them from a week you just have to wait until a week with one(s) that haven’t been unlocked.

I haven’t had any new Avatars unlocked for a while now because I already had them all unlocked from the rotations. There is no RNG with choices that are available and over time new Avatar weekly unlocks had been added the amount there is now is greater then when I first started playing AoE III DE.


Another week. Another round of totally unpredictable “bad luck.” This is 9 out of 10 weeks now where I’ve had no option at all for a weekly reward. This sort of “randomness” is getting really tiresome. Please fix it. At the very least change the algorithm so it randomly selects among available options only so you always get a choice of 5.

It has nothing to do with either luck, randomness, rng or anything of the sort.

The game is just working through the list of avatars, you can completely predict which are up for offer next week. Its just the next 5 in the list.


As others have said, there is no luck involved and this isn’t a bug. It’s working as intended. It’s a set selection every week of 5 profile pics in order, and it’s been that way since the game released in 2020.

This week’s selection is:

As you can see, all 5 of mine are greyed out as I have collected all 5. If we look at the profile pics in the selector screen:

They are all adjacent in the yellow box I highlighted. Next week and the week following, I will also not get an unlock, until 3 weeks from now when I will get to unlock the Zapotec unit.

I’m not arguing that this mechanic shouldn’t be changed; it should. It should at least not have the pop-up every time you launch, and preferably it changes to a selection of the next 5 available icons along with a bunch of new icons (I’m certain there are plenty that haven’t been included yet).


Thank you for actually answering the question and explaining the mechanic. This is not random as I was told. This is not bad luck as I was told. It is a failing mechanic that is punishing long-time players, and it needs to be fixed.

If it’s not a bug, fine, but seriously, this needs to be changed. How freaking demoralizing is it to log on week after week and not get a reward even though there are many that could be given as options if they’d simply change the algorithm? It’s a terrible user experience and I’m far from the only player who has played a long time and unlocked many of these profile pictures.

I’m going to beat the drum hard on this after so many months of terrible user experience with events not recording games, events not unlocking, and the explorer skins not working. They slapped these events together as a carrot on a stick and did not do nearly enough QA testing to make sure that the user experience was what it should have been. They need to fix this.

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This is absolutely true.

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So he just explained how rotations work…

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Clever, snarky, and yet, still entirely missing the point. Clearly I had assumed it was random on a per user basis. It wasn’t. You never clarified that. You never explained anything. You wrote a pittance of two sentences with a snarky comment being one of them and left it there. Stephensundin was kind enough to explain what was going on clearly, and that’s why I thanked him. I mean that, genuinely.

Clearly, I was wrong in my assumption and this wasn’t a bug. I don’t edit my previous comments if I’m wrong because I believe in transparency of the record. If I was wrong, I’ll own it and learn from it.

It is however, a broken “feature” and it’s not working in a satisfactory way. I logged in today to check. Next week. I’ll get nothing yet again. Then, for the next four weeks, I get 1 choice each week. ONE (ie not a choice)! Then I’ll go through a series of weeks where I get actual choices, and at some point, we’ll rotate back through and I’ll go nearly 4 months without a reward. I’ll actually have to go through several cycles of that, where the no-reward interval keeps getting larger to collect all of the profile icons. Tell me that’s good design. Tell me honestly that you don’t think that needs to be changed.


We all having the same issue, but Age 3 team is too busy working for AOE Mythology Retold.
So they probably wont release a hotfix soon.