Freeze and Crash during the Indian final mission of Asian Dynasty Campaign

At first I was able to play but had to reset the scenario because I made some dumb mistakes. I first noticed an issue when trying to reset, it would actually go to the latest saved game position (not the initial map).
Then after forcing it to reset (restarted game, started from the campaign menu), it freezes and crashes at the 4:30 mark, every time.

I’m having the exact same issue. I reset the scenario because i failed on hard the first time. The following two times i tried playing the final Indian mission it crashed at the exact same time both times. I figure it’s an issue with this specific mission, since this hasn’t happened at all during the rest of my playthrough of the other campaigns.

Hi @aajiangzz & @Maxwell_8802,

Are you able to send a savegame file of the scenario just before the crash occurs? Thank you!