Freeze in game (windows 8.1)

Game Version:

build 9025584
Windows 8.1


Hi everyone !

Since latest update, my game freeze every 10 secs for 2/3 secondes which is very annoying and makes the game unplayable.

I did not have any issue before the last update.

I am running the game on Windows 8 with a good computeur (16go / I7, GTX 770, SSD), very good internet.

The issue is also happening in solo. I have already reinstalled the game.

I just can’t play the game anymore. Does anyone has this issue ?

Reproduction Steps:

Play on windows 8.1

Windows 8.1? It sounds like a good first step to fixing it might be updating to a newer version, but I’m not sure how much of an impact that would have.

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It was working perfectly with Windows 8.1 before. I do not want to upgrade to windows 10 since the computer has a lot of dev settings on it and I would lose all of them + all computers that I have migrated from 8.1 to 10 in the past had issues with the windows 10 after few months.

I am expecting to make the game work on windows 8.1 like before.

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Not to be a Microsoft shill, but I have never had any issues with Win 10 whatsoever, if anything, it’s like a car that fixes itself somehow. Regarding the dev settings, you can upgrade without losing your files and data. I don’t know about IIS and similar. Or just get another PC for strictly gaming.

Jesus man come on, Win 7 I would understand, it was alright. But 8? Get real…

Haha I understand windows 8.1 is not really popular… but once you have installed the start menu on it, it is perfectly fine :joy: and works like a charm.

The thing is I had 2 computers who were on windows 8.1 too which I moved to windows 10 by the Microsoft automatic free upgrade, and both computer had their OS completely deleted after 2 months with all the data lost without any explanation. I had to reinstal Windows 8.1 on them since Windows 10 did not even create an emergency partition to reinstall it and I did not note the license too since it was an automatic upgrade.

So I want to keep Windows 8.1 on my computer, never had a single blue screen in 9 years, everything is working perfectly fine on it and I don’t want to risk. I would love to have a dev confirming if it is Windows 8 the issue or not… and if so, I will have to create a dual boot on the computer :frowning_face: which is annoying…

Ok I find the guilty program who caused the issue. I set Age Of Empire 2 as exception in Malwarebytes and everything is working fine.

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windows 8 is great. still using it

Don’t forget to add the folder of the game to the antivirus exception list after every update :slight_smile: