Freezing on a frame and speeding up

Game Version:

  • Build (most recent one)
  • Platform (Steam)


Sometimes even multiple times in a row you get matched with someone in 1v1 and even his game if freezing and then speeding up at the same time. Since about the time the last hotfix come out I am getting that issue very often. fyi I capped my fps to 60 (still benchmarking ~1200 score) but even when raising the fps cap to something higher (I even capped at 180) the issue still occures.

I can’t believe this is still not even on the list for known issues …

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Queue up in the matchmaking multiple times.
  2. If you don’t get the issue cap the fps of your system even if it is to something as high as 180.
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Can confirm, this just happened in two straight games. For me the game freezes for a bit, then goes into hyperspeed to try and catch up with the servers. Reminds me of an issue earlier in the DE days when lag would cause you to fall behind in the server and it would try to fast forward you to the present time.

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I’ve been having this issue as well on USW servers, I use RivaTunerStatics and my FPS goes wildly up and down when this is happening.

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