French advantage in commerce and at sea

I agree with the French having a powerful cavalry, since historically this country has always excelled in this area, however, having an advantage in trade (and with the guild landmark) or even at sea seems to me somewhat historically wrong.
Is there any historical basis for this advantage the French receive in trade and at sea?

History is only an aesthetic choice in Age of Empires 4 employed to gain some support and interest; it, from what we can see, does not serve as a basis for Civilization balance design.

I think you are right. But the French are somewhat unbalanced when compared with most civs, there were no need of those unhistoric advantages.

At the present time, according to statistics and personal experience among many players, the French in this game are doing well enough, however, due to their predictable nature, they are easily countered. Lacking their bonuses could do a lot of hurt if the weaker Civs are being boosted.

We’ll see what the Developers do or don’t do with them in the upcoming patch.

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