French AI doesn't withdraw resource from guild hall

When playing against hardest AI French, it doesn’t seem to withdraw gold from guild hall and just let it accumulate to over 10k.

Beside that, hardest AI should go for school of cavalry and raid with first royal knight when playing French and go for regnitz cathedral and try to get relics when playing HRE. The current landmark choices of AI are quite questionable sometimes.

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Thank you for the report @Liopleus—we’ll look into it. Appreciate it!

By the way, if the sacred victory condition is unchecked, AI don’t go for the sacred sites. I think this needs to be changed as well.

This “behavior” still exists even today, in the 5th season.
Along with that, the Russ AI doesn’t use any Golden Gate tickets at all throughout the game.

So, by the looks of it, any civ that gets a landmark that provides tickets, resources or any collectible benefits for that matter, the AI simply ignore these completely. French and Russ are on the top list…