French Cannons will be much weaker than Bombards. I suggest an additional change

New patch make Cannon have the same base damage as Bombard, yet still have 21% lower health. I think it will be too weak to be a “unique unit”

  1. Ability to one-shot other Sieges (with all tech)

Today : Cannon can one -shot Springalds //Royal Cannon can one-shot Springalds and Mangonel // Bombard can’t one shot any Sieges

Next patch : Royal Cannon can’t one-shot Springalds(125 health) or any other Sieges

  1. Performance in fighting Springalds (with all tech)

Today : Bombard takes 5 Springald shots [ (120damage -15armor) * 5 > 480health] , Cannon takes 4 Springald shots [ (120-15)*4> 384] (((Ming Clocktower Bombard takes 8 shots)))

Next patch : Bombard takes 8 Springald shots [ (80-40)*8 >288] , Cannon takes 6 Springald shots[ (80-40)*6 >228 ] (((Ming Clocktower Bombard takes 12 shots)))

  1. Cannon VS Bombard

Today: They both 2-shots-kill each other (((Ming Clocktower Bombard takes 4 normal Cannon shots or 3 Royal Cannon shots)))

Next patch : Bombard still 2-shot-kill Cannon , Cannon need 3 shots to take down Bombard or 4 shots to take down Ming Clocktower Bombard.

Cannon can move/setup a little faster. Bombard do 530 building damage with 288 health, Cannon do 620 building damage(17% higher) with 228 health (21% lower). Cannon is better to destroy Keeps , but will be completely beaten by Bombard when they face each other , you can say Bombard is countering French Cannons after this patch.

If nerfing Cannon’ s base damage is necessary , I suggest to make it have more health then nerf it’s range armor to 20 or less for balance
Screenshot 2022-06-09 080443


No and no.

French is not gunpowder civ their focus is in trade, cavalry and keeps. Its absurd that they have unique cannons when its not their identity

French already have an unique cannon unit, the cannon…

Also, historically French were among the first European powers to field and effectively use cannons in battles and siege, so it’s historically accurate… on the other hand, it wouldn’t be balanced, since French are already a solid civ.

Notice. European powers.

If we talk about history then lets bring the fact that China was the one who invented gunpowder and developed cannons etc.

Also my point is that the french is labeled as trade, cavalry, keeps civilization so why do they have unique siege unit? Same with Rus. Neither of these civs are gunpowder civ yet china has standard bombard and handcannoneer (clockwork is just +50% not unique) China should basically have only gunpowder units after age 3 if its supposed to be their identity, but developers are keen to remove chinese identity alongside Rus identity. Patch after this mongols get palisade and after that stone walls