French Chamber of Commerce has no bonus on gold

In the description of the French landmark, Chamber of Commerce, it says “All Traders and Trade Ships return +30% more resource to any Market or Dock”. But testing result shows that traders only returns +30% for Food, Wood, and Stone. Traders set to Gold still return the usual amount. So this is either a bug in the landmark itself, or a bug in its description which doesn’t mention the exception of gold.

This issue was also mentioned here


Why hasn’t this bug not listed in Known issues? This is a very easy-to-verify (and probably also easy-to-fix) bug!

There are also other French specific issues like the Keep influence bonus bonus saying it reduces unit costs by 25% but in fact it only reduces 20%, and the upgrade only add 5% to the bonus while the tooltip says it would add 10%. Also, if you upgrade it in Royal Institute, it will take no effect. All of these seem to be just simple fixes by either changing the tooltip or changing one constant in the code, why are they still not confirmed and fixed?

Hey @UnfurledCar7450, thanks for reporting. We’re tracking this on our end.


This bug (the one in the first post - trade bonus not working for gold) is still NOT FIXED! If I’m not mistaken then this bug has probably been here since the stress test if not the beta. I can’t understand why it’s still not fixed after such a long time! It’s probably a very simple fix, either the description needs to be more clarified to exclude gold from the Chamber of Commerce bonus, or the behavior needs to be fixed - apparently just a single line of configuration or code! Why???

Please, consider this fix for the next release. Just tested now in the latest patch and it’s still bugged: the extra 30% from the landmark is only applied to food, wood and stone. Sucks because it would be actually viable in certain maps.

Working on it.

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I don’t understand why there have been no major bug fixes so far. It feels like it would take years to make this game playable.

Well that sounds a bit unfair, they surely did fix a lot of game breaking bugs in the last two patches.
The impression is that they are not super-agile with the release process (just think about the replays not being replayable anymore), so it’s not that easy to hotfix stuff on the fly. So, when a patch goes live and fixes some things but breaks others, it feels terrible for the player, because he’ll have to wait for the next release for a problem that wasn’t there before (if your development and deployment process is very agile, bugs in production like these are usually hotfixed within hours or days).
In regards to the amount of bugs that they take care of at every update, they just look short-staffed honestly, or maybe different parts of the game code are handed to people that never worked on them before and it takes time to settle. I think they are on the right path but it takes time.

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Just tested and this was still not addressed after 2 patches… I see you are giving priority to balance patches over bugfixes, which sounds a little weird to me, since I tend to believe we should first assure everything works as intended and then balance things from there (otherwise you’ll surely have to re-balance them again, since fixing something can result in a buff or a nerf for some civ).
As a French main I’ve also re-tested this one Ability "Deploy Pavise" of french Arbaletrier calculates ranged armor incorrectly with the same results.
They are both pretty old threads, maybe some of them are fixed in the closed beta (the one with global queue, new hotkeys etc)? Can an Insider please tell me?
Thanks, and sorry for resuming the thread

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Not funny fact - after 3 months this bug is still in the game…

There are a couple of Chamber of Commerce bugs in the pipeline that are being worked on. We appreciate you continuing to bring this up—we aren’t ignoring you all.