FRENCH civilization is too STRONG

French and English are by far the most well-balanced and polished civs.

It’s just that some civs just need to be buffed and others nerfed.


Please Translate,…

Ja die Engländer haben eine sehr starke Wirtschaft, fast gleichzusetzen mit den Franzosen, aber eben nur fast.

Der grosse Unterschied, speziell im endgame, kommt darauf an wie gespielt wird, kann auch früher sein, ist, das der Franzose die Ressourcen auswählen kann diese er mit dem Händler erwirtschaften kann. (Ich persönlich schicke Großteils meiner Dorfbewohner aller spätestens, mit Beginn der vierten Evolution in den Tod. Und erwirtschafte mir im endeffekt alles über Händler. Zb. Der boni des erstens landmark (handelskammer)ist für diese Spielweise perfekt, und der zweite landmark die gildenhalle um so besser, je mehr Rohstoffe ich habe desto mehr wird generiert.

Buff auf speerkämpfer war nötig, und gab Balance.

Ich will nicht das die Franzosen geschwächt werden. Eher das andere civi in der Liste die momentan ganz unten stehen stärker werden.

Wieso denn nicht, wäre sicher ein “interessantes” geschpräch über die Engländer geworden. “Räusper”

I can speak German. And guys don’t bother translating it or trying to convince him otherwise since it’s obvious that he won’t be convinced and he isn’t that good at the game.

He says that he kills his villagers upon reaching age 4. Then relies on traders for most of his income after that. Also he thinks going trade landmark for feudal is best way to go.

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French are an early game civ. You should know from the moment the game loads that you’ve got knight pressure coming.
As you get into feudal make a barracks and a few spears.

Scout your opponents base regularly to see if he transitions to archers+knights. If he does, get archers yourself as IMO horsemen are too expensive and not good enough value.

I do a 2x Town Centre build at high level ELO against french and never have issues defending, as long as I control my units properly and lose as few workers as possible.

French also quite versatile in Fast castle build and also two TC boom IMO. Which make it fun and strong. Only they didn’t have any direct eco bonus outside villager which they are weak at the long dragged late game.

I believe if Mongol and Rus nerfed back to a normal status. French should also receive some minor nerf, or it will become new “Mongol”

Forget to mention that the keep bonus also very good actually.

French is overall versatile. Unlike English you dont have to push. You have both options to either boom or play age 2 but at the same time every civ can counter french unlike Mongols or RUS. French is good at raiding but very weak defending its own base. So spear + archer + ram push is very hard to stop. Mix in some MMA and french can’t do anything. Knights are very expensive units and without them their only option is archers which they can’t mass if they are making knights. MMA also counter archers so you can just rush in french base.

When I am playing french 2v2 and one of opponent is also french. I go to target french player first. Because you know he will keep raiding, the best way to stop him is to raid him first and he can run those knights all the map he wants but he cant defend his base with them.