French civilization

So one of the screenshots has a unit looking like a chevalier. There was also a plaque of Jean d’arc.

This could either mean the English campaign is centered around the 100 years war (AoE III also had campaign specific civs with unique units) of which the French are a campaign civ. Or they added the French.

However I would say the chevalier looking unit (mainly lookin at the pants) also looks a bit german in my opinion. Is it possible its a german knight? I am not sure, but I remember someone talking about civ leaks which mentioned Delhi sultanate specificially before we even knew they were a thing. The same person also said the HRE was going to be a thing so it could be Germans aswell.

What do you guys think? Guaranteed French civ or only parlty as a campaign civ or even maybe just Germans?

French and hre are assured,and there will be rus


Go to games, go to aoe4, go to civilizations, got updated today, abassid dynasty and French confirmed!

Also yes, French seem to be the civ in that picture.

The French are a good choice for the Top 8. I hope they are unique and well made and enjoyable to play.

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Yup! French are the classic European civ for the Middle Ages and renascence era, cavalry focus is definitely going to be a focus.

I dont get how we get 2 campaigns which have english and french though. 2 civs take 2 out of 4 campaigns :smiley: Well I have a theory that we get to play both sides in 1 campaign, once building an empire by uniting ppl in a country, then invading, and after that we play the civ that succesfully stopped civ 1s advance. WOuld fit here very well (first english, then french) and would also fit mongolian (first unification, then unsuccessful raids against som eciv) :smiley:

I wrote a topice about it here, sething with asymmetric campaign in th title. If you are interested :slight_smile: