French Dock Hotkey Issue

In my last game I noticed that both the carrack as well as the dock researches have the hotkey “y”. I was not able to hotkey build carracks but always activated the tech hotkey selection…

I know it is not a bug since the hotkeys are the same - however this is an issue that should be fixed since hotkey producing is much easier in a hectic battle…

Interesting! This is what I see on mine:


Looks like it might be a problem with the German language version. Do you know if “Z” would select the Carrack, even though it’s labeled with “Y”? Are you using custom hotkeys of any kind?


Hey, I just checked that for you. I just changed idle villager hotkey selection, nothing else.

“Z” does not work to hotkey build carracks.

It sort of make sense that it is “z” for you and “y” for me since z and y are swapped on our keyboards I believe…

I hope this helps.

Helps very much…appreciate the extra information! I’ll get this to the team to investigate.

This is still present in the German version of game. Just tested it with Chinese which have the same problem.

Thanks @DarkFury6417! The team has been in active discussion around this for multiple languages. If nothing else, fully remappable hotkeys are coming in Season Two which should negate the problem.