French explorer card "voyageur"

The explorer card for the french is rather underwhelming. It is only available in age 2, it grants one hound and +50% pv/attack. In addition, it grants the ability for the french explorer to heal units in a delimited zone, with a huge cooldown of 120 secondes. I think it only heals 300 hp or so, in total. This ability is based on the old heal mechanism, which I find quite bad comparing to the one we have in the game, since I think the release of the warchief (i. e. passive heal for non-moving units). I believe this is the only remaining case where the old heal mechanism is still in place.

I believe that this card is in age 2, because the heal was too op to hunt treasures in team games ?
I propose to change the heal mechanism of the explorer to the new one and set it at the rate of priest (10 hp per second), or between priest and surgeon ? That way, it won’t be abused in team games, because allied explorer will have to stand still while healing and the card could be moved to age 1. I don’t believe it would make it op, and heal for explorer is already a thing for some civs.

Obviously this card is rarely used (and there is not a lot of space in the age 2 french deck slots). This could make this somewhat usable in casual games, to heal your expansive units, like cuirassiers.

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I think all the skirmish heroes that get a healing ability of some kind use the old mechanic, not just the French Explorer.

Aside from campaign mode, I don’t think there is other heroes unit using heal, beside the asian civs which use the passive mechanism.

I know the Haudenosaunee War Chief also uses the old mechanic.

Ah, I didn’t know that. Do you beleive it should be changed too, or you are okay with the old mechanism?

I don’t like the old mechanic to be honest. It should be completely removed.


I dont see anyone using the explorer buff cards (perhaps some spanish players, bu the others… meh even the dutch TC discount is kinda meh since it comes too little too late).

Perhaps making these upgrades researchable at the church would be a nice way to balance this (and make these bonus useful).

The Warchief cards make sense since the warchief is always in the battle providing auras and buffs

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That’s a nice idea. This would also bring more diversity into the european explorers, which are really flavorless compared to the others heroes available for natives, asians and US.

But I agree with you that hardly anybody send those cards.

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With how limited card “real estate” is it makes sense nobody bothers. Explorers tend to not have a real purpose past Age 2.