French Halberdier

Greetings !

What are your opinions about french halberdier with the cent-suise card ( +10% hp et 0.10 melee resistance) and the french royal army (promotion). Useful or bad considering the fact that france has access to musketeer (contrary to the dutch) ? I was quite surprised with their prowess.

In supremacy you get some healers up and keep halbs alive they will eat your enemy alive in the end game.

In Treaty the Halbs are one of the most Expensive units you can use to snowball an unprepared enemy.

In short. Its a card that rewards players with Great Micro for the Promotions. While Cent Suis helps make even your Xbows and Pikes capable in age 2 fights. Its alright to keep both of them in your deck if Halbs are your style

I have tried to use it, it does not convince me much but anyway, those cards are to improve the archaic French rush, the halberdiers, being of age 3, do not belong to the rush, and if it were only for the halberdier, I would not use it either because the unit is not really who needs it, also consider that 10% armor for a halberdier what do I want it for? if the unit still wins the exchanges against heavy cavalry abysmally and the enemies are not going to force the halberdier exchange against their heavy cavalry unless they cannot or are bad enough, for age 3 I am not convinced by 10% of life and 10% armor that can be used very little, I would have preferred to give it 15% more life instead of 10% armor, but in the case of the crossbowman I think it’s fine

Although it could be useful against lancer-type units, like the (Spanish Lancer) but it would be too occasional