French Hulk in Feudal / Bug or Feature?


please clarifiy if Bug or intended.

French get access to the Hulk in Feudal Age since the Galleasse is exchanging the Hulk in Castle.
They dont have Archer Ships at all as far as i know. Dont have the game open right now i am in work.

I can imagine that it is an oversight, because honestly, a Hulk wrecks an Archer ship any time in early feudal.

Edit, i just checked up on this. All the Civs get different ships in Feudal, with different costs and probably different building times. Only the French get the Hulk in Feudal, at the Hulk Cost.

I am not sure how it balances it out, i just realised in a Rus vs French Match, me playing the Rus, that 1 of the Hulks literally obliterated my 4-5 Ships in seconds.

Any info?


I honestly think they should either move age 2 hulk to age 3 or just remove it since they are replaced by the galleries.
Just give them galleys age2 like the other civs have.
I main french on aoe4 and early hulks completely took the fun away from water maps as every single game on water maps is a mirror now and the ones that are not mirror will pretty much be over in less than 10 min cuz the oponent can’t do much.

This impacts the game just as much as mongol TC. water maps are unplayable unless french. Please confirm if bug or not!?

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This is by design, but we are always re-investigating how the balance works for every civ. Back end team has a lot of cool data to see and is able to see the big picture.