French knights shouldnt be able to heal while running away

i mean just use logic, who the hell is gonna be patching up their wounds on horse back while running away from spearman
it just encourage toxic play where your spears dont even matter, they hit your vils, get poked once by spear and run around your base to come back full health again and repeat
if u decide to chase them with spears it doesnt matter cause they outrun u and heal anyway
just like longbow abilty got nerfed to where they only heal if out of combat
this should be the same


Agree, this is right point


It is called micro not toxic play. If someone going knights kills your villagers and eventually wins the game (he has to kill villagers due to heavy cav being a considerable invest) he fully deserves to because he obviously did outsmart you.


yes they shouldnt heal it must be a ability where you click on it to get heal and it should have a cooldown.French are always doing the same you need to build barracks as soon as you have the wood make spears and put them near the villagers which is far from town center and dont chase the knights let them run around you and maybe you can do a counter raid with spearman if you got the numbers


This is not needed now

The French Knights’ healing while moving is overpowered and must be removed

They should heal only while being iddle - not move/in combat


Why is it overpowered? Do you have stats to back this up?


LOL, what kind of stats would You like to see? We speak about game, not corporate business plan

I have my “personal analysis” from my playing with French ,

Self-healing knights are cool, but self-healing while moving is too effective - too much , it means that is very easy to heal knights after combat and keep them alive and attack again, while opponenet suffered damage,

something similar is in old WW2 RTS game “codename: panzers” - “the healers” (medics & repair cára) can “heal” units while in combat, which simple breaks the game ,


There’s actual stats for AoE4 showing winrates for civs and all possible match ups. French knights is pretty much the standard strategy people use across all skill levels. French currently are either average (lower tiers) or clearly below average (higher tiers) and I would suggest to give them more options, hence besides the early french knights option implement another strategy where the civ can shine. The issue with nerfing one strategy after another is that you will end up having civs that are very similar and idk if anyone wants the game to take that direction.

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French are not only about Royal Knights (with self-healing)

If we would change this self-healing, the knights themself would remain effective & dangerous units, so French knights rush would still work IMO

Curently, the French Knights are self-heal 1hp/min while out of combat, with “chivalry” tech

I would suggest to change it to 2hp/min while out of combat & not move to keep “chivalry” meaningful

Again: French win rate seems to be too low, not too high. So nerfing french does not make any sense. French knights are nowhere to be OP atm, otherwise we would see a clearly positive win rate for french among many civilisations. Please take a look at this site.

What other major strategies than royal knights are currently played with french?

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the issue is not the winrate, french are strong and always been a solid strong civ, the issue is the fact even if u counter them by spearman they will continue running away and healing even if u chase them, now i dont know about you but i rather not play tom & jerry with an armored unit, big investment or not

I would suggest to change it to 2hp/min while out of combat & not move to keep “chivalry” meaningful

Yeah that a good suggestion, it would make them run away to FOB or base instead of lurking around like a mosquito, making counterplay possible with spears


that would make the healing useless instead of this it should be ability and they need to heal them selfs when clicked like 10 sec or something and it should have a cooldown it must be like the english archer heal

According to the stats they can be considered a civ in a decent spot or a even too weak. Spears are super cheap compared to knights. Tbh it sounds like you just haven’t figured out how to play against knights and now want the game to be changed in order to have an easier build up time.

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Okay, I see Your point and think, that this is misunderstanding, I do not want to “nerf the French”

I do not really want to touch their “winrate stats”

I am thinking about adjusting the self-healing mechanic, and I am only sugesting, not say “it should be like this”


I agree, if they can nerf the Mongol Yam Network, they certainly can nerf the french healing on the move.
It’s just a “unfun” mechanic. As a Mongol player I usually not to bothered by them as i tend to have a few spears and most importantly I just go mangudai to annihilate any french knights trying to run.

but still it’s annoying. nerfing the healing on the move isn’t going to effect their winrate at any great ordeal.
RUS has feudal knights and does the same kind of harassment just fine.
It just requires the french player to use a bit more brain capacity when raiding, and I don’t see the harm in that.


hahahahha whaaaaaaaat??? they are already invincible and you want to buff them?!?! please DONT

That would be even more broken as knights can always outrun its counter, regen and repeat. The real issue here, knight play is a super safe and a no-brainer investment vs other alternatives. Knights don’t need to worry about the consequence of taking damage (just run away to heal and repeat). As such, a French player is discouraged from making other units and would just spam knights to reach a critical mass. Make it works like Spirit Way where dead knights heal other knights would fix it imo.

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The brain capacity you need in order to execute french knights is very high. Much higher than the standard two TC build up as you need to raid from multiple sides and kill villagers in order to make the strategy viable. French knights mean strategic interaction. No waiting. No economic build up and treaty mode for the first 5-10 minutes but real strategic interactions and any minor mistakes from the french player can be fatal. This is the exact opposite of brainless play. This is also directed @HighPingLord: If it was such a super safe and no-brainer investment strategy, why do we not see the french civilisation have superior win rates across all tiers?

Here’s lucifron going french knights against iammagic during the wololo tournament. Superb play by him, constant harassment from 2,3,4 sides while building up his own economy. This is masterclass play by him and there’s only a few players out there (marinelord,beastyqt, vortix and a few others) that are capable of doing that.

And of course does nerfing the main strategy of french lead to a significant less powerful french civ in general. It is already a below average civilisation and to think that nerfing their healing rate by 50% wouldn’t have an effect on their overall performance is simply wild.

My point stands: Use the current weakness of the french civilisation to implement more viable strategies by buffing some other units or giving them a special ability.

btw you forget it was already nerfed hard by increasing the costs for the update