French man at arms

Why french man at arms looks different in campaign
Their shields looks like french royal knights in campaign but in every other mode it looks like classic shield like british have why ?

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There are a lot of differences between the campaign and standard gameplay, like the fact that you do not have an “Arsenal” in regular gameplay for Range Technology, they are all consolidated into the Blacksmith.

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Still it doesnt make any sance why they do that it is just visual but why they make different visual for same unit ? Maybe it would be great to make it like upgrade to infantry royal knight and as a visual upgrade give them shield like royal knight

the thing is that campaigs are built and based on old versions of the game

You can also upgrade stone wall towers with Springalds and Cannons but in multiplayer they come with springalds and cannot be upgraded to cannons.

Not exactly. I reported it as a bug some weeks back and they said that it was intentional to provide a “different single player experience” or something.