French mastery Master Craftsmen bugged

I’ve tried getting this mastery a bunch of times and it still wont complete for me. I’ve tried >5k food without ever moving out of castle age and also >4k gold and it still won’t work. I’ve tried both claiming and not claiming the resources and it still doesn’t work


Thanks @ectoplasma9631! We’ll look into this one—it is now being tracked internally.

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I was just able to complete it against an easy AI after collecting >2k food, then re-accumulating 2k food, and then defeating the AI while I was in castle age

similarly. the requirements are vaguely written, so I had to fulfill as much as possible

Biggest issue right now with masteries is that if you’re new to AOE or don’t understand how to finish a mastery it causes people to not understand why since there is a lack of detail within the masteries and how to finish them. I completed the British one but it took be about an hour or two to realize that a few things are literally like if and else statements.

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I think that is because the masteries are bugged and not doing what they are saying. I was also confused, but it seem like im not the only one with this problem (French master craftsmen).

Biggest issue with masteries is you can make one per game. I can’t understand why I can’t finish multiple masteries in one game. Some masteries are really really easy but take a lot of time.

This is the main reason I’m not doing all masteries while I love to finish all possible achievements in any game I play. Thinking of 15 masteries multiplied by 8 civs = 120 games while I could finish like 5 or more in single match. Many masteries just can’t be rushed (like “win with wonder condition”) - it takes time. Many of them are extremely hard to finish “on the fly” during normal multiplayer match. Like this: “Kill 10 enemy units with Galleasses affected by the Armored Hull technology.” - ok, I have to play France, I have to play on water map which are not seen often, and I have to make game pretty long which is not always the case if opponent is rushing. But doing it vs A.I. is just spending 20-30 min in simply skirmish (even vs easiest AI). But playing 120 games vs AI is pretty boring :smiley: And most of people don’t play all civs to finish masteries during multiplayer.